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The Darkblue Affiliate Network. DarkBlue delivers a unique online marketing service for advertisers wanting to increase profitability for their website.

DarkBlue is the newest affiliate network on the Internet, and currently boasts more than 7000 affiliates* producing over 1 billion impressions* per month. Advertising on DarkBlue is strictly CPA (Cost Per Action/Acquisition) so there is zero risk.

DarkBlue is a trusted third party between advertisers and affiliates, providing services such as free ad serving, tracking, statistical reporting, real time service and support, and a quick turnaround for advertisers.

Navigating Darkblue is simple and user friendly, with a fast loading, original, cross platform, and informative interface. DarkBlue has developed the network with an easy to follow step by step process and maintenance program to remove the stress, effort and complication from affiliate network management.

DarkBlue is powered by 70 experienced staff and customer care consultants, who are dedicated to providing all advertisers and affiliates with 24/7 real time support, endeavoring to make the experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. For a risk-free, hassle-free, cost effective marketing solution, the DarkBlue Affiliate Network is the answer.

Signup To the DarkBlue Affiate Program

- There are no setup costs, monthly fees, serving fees, or any other standard costs for advertisers that other networks may charge. Darkblue does not take any commission like some of the other networks.

- All of the money an advertiser deposits into an account goes to paying affiliates when sales or leads are generated. affiliates receive 100% of the commission.

- Any amount, including an initial deposit, is refundable at any time and members are under no obligation to stay with darkblue as an affiliate network. darkblue is an absolute no risk marketing venture, as advertisers and affiliates decide the level of involvement completely.

- Multiple sites can be managed from one account.

Darkblue currently has over 11,000 affiliates producing more than 1 billion impressions per month and is growing rapidly. 90% of the affiliates, and 95% of the traffic is us-based. join now and start reaping the rewards!

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Affiliate Programs
Affiliate programs are a great avenue if you own a website and want to make extra revenue!
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If you are a webmaster affiliate, that means that you are providing internet traffic for advertisers from a affiliate network.